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[edit] The Nationalist Party in Overview

Party Chairman: Yakia Tovil-Toba

Party Vice Chairman: Li Tzu

Number of Party Members: 12.5 million (2006); 65 million (2007 March)

Founded: Circa 2000 B.C.E

Headquarters: Xi'an

Political Ideology: Nationalism/Imperialism/Fascist

Political Position: Radical

[edit] The Nationalist Party: History

The Nationalist Party is the complete opposite to the CCP or Caldari Communist Party. Nationalists are totally devoted to the State and its possible future. Throughout the ages, there has always been Nationalists, however they were always kept on a tight lease...until the Civil War. Once the Caldari Communist Party took over the State from the ashes and destruction of the war, they saw this as their chance to slowly regain their influence and this they did. At Midterm Elections several years later, the Nationalists had gained the majority in both the National People's Congress and the Party Congress, assuring them that they could do whatever they wanted. This led to the end of the CCP. Following the Directorate's mass arrests throughout the State, the Nationalists rebelled and staged a massive coup d'etat against the ruling government, wiping the CCP from exisitance. Yakia Tovil-Toba, the Party's leader and the current head of state and government of the Caldari State effectively took over the affairs of State and has begun initating his reforms that have been long-awaited.

[edit] The Dictate: The Policy of the Nationalists

"Throughout history there has always been several distinctive cycles that occur: those of society and its classes, the economy and that of policy; oppression vs. repression. Each of these cycles are eternal, they will always go through the same pattern, no matter what the changes or reforms that are initated or enacted. Let's look through each one closely...There are three classes, while they seem differently name throughout history, they have always been broken down into the High, the Middle and the Low..."

"...Imperialism is inevitable. Even in the Present Age, every country in the world can be labeled Imperialistic in one form or another: ether through land conquest, or through the domination of economic superiority or even mastery of the sciences of war...If the State is going to remain one of the influencial, economically-powerful and technologically advanced races in the world, Imperialism must occur...only once we have regained our superiority over all fields of influence and power, then the final trumph will happen..."

"...Even in today's society, there is always the heretic, the outcast of society. The heretic is the one will dissent against the collective mind of the whole, the Party cannot allow it...such persons must be destroyed if any society and civilization can true called perfect..."

"In our race's structure of loyality, it was once one's corporation over their family and their its all been converted to just one foci: the State. Everything done is for the benefit of the collective...even if the State is at war, then its a war of the people, not a war between two countries but two peoples...we must prevail and prevail we shall..."

[edit] The Five-Year Plan

The Five-Year Plan is the Nationalist Party's agenda between the years of 2006-2010, absorbed from the CCP. There are ten major points or goals that the State is expecting to adquetely or go beyond by the end of the plan in 2010 and these are:

  1. Increase Food Production
  2. Increase Production of Heavy Industry
  3. Increase Production of Consumer Goods
  4. Raise the Standard of Living
  5. Enhance and Increase Coverage of Public Education to All Citizens
  6. Provide Universial Healthcare to all Caldari Citizens
  7. Begin Major Public Works Projects
  8. Create a Harmonious Society and Civilization through Nationalism
  9. Maintain the Most Advanced and Superior Armed Forces in the World
  10. Spread Caldari Sphere of Influence to all corners of the world

[edit] The Political Spectrum of the Nationalist Party

The Nationalist Party is made up of several groupings that range all over the spectrum. Here are the three major ones:

  1. Ultra-Nationalists: The Ultra-Nationalists are the most radical form of Nationalist. They are highly aggressive, stubborn and while reform-minded, they also have a master plan (numbers 8-10 of the Five-Year Plan) which they will complete at any cost and by any means possible. Yakia Tovil-Toba is the head of this faction of the Nationalist Party. The number of Ultra-Nationalists number only a small percentage of the overall party, appoximately 15%.
  1. Liberal Nationalists: The Liberal Nationalists make up the majority of the Party. Their members are liberal and reform-minded and have the people's interests. While they maybe considered a little aggressive, they are less than their more radical counterpart. Liberal Nationalists agree with most of what the Five-Year Plan is to accomplish and while they follow the Dictate to heart they believe that accomplishing its goals should happen as events unfold not immediate. The Chairman of the Party Congress, Jukkizaras Kossinen and Ogomutsu Shang-Ti both head this faction.
  1. Moderate Nationalists: Unknown.
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